Friday, September 20, 2013

Dear Anonymous......

Our first reaction.....WOW! Your very generous gift was a complete surprise and your anonymity a reflection of your PURE and genuine Christian faith!

Let me start by saying that when we first embarked on this amazing adoption journey, we NEVER imagined how utterly life changing the process would be. For us, it has been soooo much more than just adding to the family head count. God has opened our eyes, our hearts and our souls to His will and provided us with many "AWE" inspiring moments along the way. As a result, we are FOREVER changed and whether our Christian brothers and sisters realize it or not, God is using them to change lives. Their powerful words, unwavering support and generosity have petaled our path with blessings beyond measure.

So after our initial WOW moment, our second reaction to your gift was "we can't accept this, give it back"! We realize now that we reacted with sinful pride and that we must pray about your gift with humility. We yield control to our all mighty father and surrender it all to Him so that His will may be done.

Finally, we want to say THANK YOU and please know that whatever is decided, your kind and selfless gesture, will forever be a treasure in our hearts!

In HIS Glory......

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  1. 2CORINTHIANS 8:3-5 (New American Standard Bible)

    3For I testify that according to their ability, and beyond their ability, they gave of their own accord,

    4begging us with much urging for the favor of participation in the support of the saints,

    5and this, not as we had expected, but they first gave themselves to the Lord and to us by the will of God.
    Tracy and Dennis,
    We have been both on on giving end and the receiving end and we can tell you with much confidence that they are equal in blessing!!!!


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